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I never forget the day my elder sister put on her beautiful white long trailing wedding dress.

On the petal rug, a handsome man played the saxophone for her.

Then he helped her to put on the wedding ring, I remembered as if there been a faint pure light from the gemstone and her skin.

This is the most beautiful scene I have ever seen.

When I was older once I passed by a store I found jewelry were disposed in a glittering display.

I was attracted by the brilliance of these gemstone again and hoped to got one as a gift but no.

Years gone by and now I bring these fine jewelry for you which can always be the beautiful and vibrant gifts for any occasion.

IGEMSTONEJEWELRY is a fashion gemstone jewelry store.


Including natural handmade gemstone earrings, pendent necklaces,bracelets,brooches,wedding rings and couples jewelry.

If you like healing crystal you may find your birthstone or zodiac stone here.

There are not only lots jewelry accessories but also some unique but practical purses and wallets. 

Bags and jewelry are always the best matches for women and they are women's best friend because they can make you shine and always be there for you through the years.

IGemstoneJewelry has a group of passionated craftsmen from the United States, Italy, Korea,Japan and China.Some are good at leather crafts making, others at jewelry design.They have unlimited passion and creativity.

Our office is located at urban district of Tianjin,China ( Address:14-2-401,Laianli,Hongxing Road,Hedong District,Tianjin,300161, Phone Number: 8613502007630) (PS: sorry, the local store was closed one year ago, only online store now, we ship out most of items from Hongkong) Our products are mainly sold online and worldwide delivery.

We would love to be able to say hi to you in person, if you ever get a chance to visit Tainjin. Meanwhile, feel free to speak to us on Instagram and Facebook, or check out our pins on Pinterest.

Welcome to our store and make a beautiful choice.