There are many colors of backpacks, and the typical colors are brown, brown, red, green, purple, and so on. They are all excellent choices. But if you need just one backpack, you should choose a black one because this color can appear on various occasions, campuses, workplaces, daily leisure, shopping, travel, etc. It may be related to this. Recently, black backpacks have become more popular, especially leather or imitation leather ones. These materials are more textured and more durable.

Black backpacks are versatile and resistant to dirt. The designer's ingenuity also makes the appearance of black bags not as lifeless as we imagined. They are becoming more and more refined and have their unique features. Some are simple and stylish, some are classic and retro, and some have multiple functions.

We have compiled a series of black leather backpacks for you. You can see more specific styles and details. I hope this article can help you select more suitable black packs.

1-Fashion Womens Black Leather Backpack Bag Purse School Backpacks for Women
If you particularly like the grainy texture on the back of natural cowhide, you must know about this handmade backpack. It is made of full grain cow leather, and whether it is on the back of the shoulder strap or inside the bag, you can feel the texture of the natural cowhide.

The contrast design of black and primary color makes the bag look more lively. The size is 23cm in length, 26cm in height, and 10cm in width. It can hold an iPad within 10 inches. The interior has no compartment design but separate pockets on the front and back.

Cool black leather backpack purse for women
2-Ladies Square Genuine Leather Backpack Bag Purse Vintage Backpack for Women
This bag also uses a contrasting design, is handmade with vegetable tanned cowhide. Its material is sufficient, and the overall weight is close to 1kg.

In terms of styling, it is a fusion of Cambridge bags and backpacks. The main pocket under the flap has a zipper. There is an internal zipper pocket in the main pocket, one pocket on the outside, and one on the back. With a size of 32×25cm, it can easily accommodate tablets, water cups, wallets, and cosmetics. Whether in school or the workplace, it is a good choice.

black leather satchel bag backpack purse for women
3-Mini Women's Genuine Leather Satchel Backpack Purse Cross Shoulder Bag For Women
This genuine leather backpack is a small bag. The size of the bag is 20×8×18cm. There is a slot pocket on the front and an anti-theft zipper pocket on the back. If a backpack is small in size, there are different ways of wearing it. This backpack has two shoulder straps. The shoulder strap can be detached and adjusted in length. You can also carry it as a handbag or a messenger bag by changing the shoulder strap position.

The side of the bag has a concealed buckle, which makes the lines on the side of the bag look more elegant, and the whole pack will appear more compact and exquisite. Therefore, such a multifunctional bag can match more dressing styles and adapt to more social interactions. On occasion, if you need to choose a good gift for the lady, this small bag can be your first choice.

4-Women’s Genuine Leather Backpack Purse Trendy Backpack for Women
The design of the long straight line of the square backpack and the top flap makes the bag look more refined and full of rigorous professionalism. If students or women in the workplace carry it, it will appear more aura.

This backpack is made of full grain cow leather, and the material is comfortable and delicate. It has two kinds of sizes, the small one can hold a 13-inch laptop, and the large one can fit a 14-inch computer. There is a special computer compartment, insert pocket, and a zipper pocket inside — also, a slot pocket and an anti-theft zipper pocket on the back.

5-Small Ladies Square Leather Flap Backpack Purse Knapsack for Women
Although this backpack is also square, it has a more robust academic style. It is made of second-layer cowhide. Its rigid shape protects the internal items and adds a lovely atmosphere.
It also has two sizes, can fit 13-inch or 14-inch computers, with an independent computer compartment inside.Compared with the last backpack, there is an extra front pocket. The shoulder strap is removable. There is a transparent card slot or nameplate slot on the front.

Stylish black leather backpack purse for women
6-Womens Black Leather Backpack Purse Cute Backpacks for Women
The main pocket of this backpack has a drawstring, and the overall shape is casual and fashionable. This bag is the first choice for girls to carry when shopping and dating.
The bag is 31cm long, 30cm high, and 13cm wide. The capacity can meet the needs of daily travel. Its main bag can hold a 9.7-inch iPad or A4 size books and magazines.

casual black leather backpack purse for women
7-Fashion Leather Ladies Genunie Leather Backpack Purse Book Bags for Women
If you don't like plain black, the various shades of color brought about by the manual dyeing process will be even more remarkable. The unique triangular shape and the contrast of red and black give people a young and expressive feeling. Therefore, wearing this backpack for outdoor sports or short trips will make people shine. Its size is 26×15×32cm—two zipper pockets inside the main bag and one zipper pocket on the side and the back.

Vintage black leather backpack purse for women
8-Handmade Ladies Genuine Leather Backpack Purse Small Rucksack Bag For Women
It is also a triangular backpack with brushed leather. This bag is decorated with three-dimensional plum blossom patterns, which look retro and casual.
Another feature of the bag is a zipper in the middle of the shoulder strap. The zipper is opened to make the backpack. When the zipper is closed, the bag can be used as a chest or shoulder bag. The size of the bag is 28×12×38cm, which can hold an iPad, mobile phone, wallet, and daily cosmetics. It is an excellent choice to wear when going out shopping and exercising.

unique black leather backpack purse for women
9-Cool Genuine Leather Backpack Purse Ladies Rucksack For Women
This backpack uses full-grain leather, so it has a good texture, is wear-resistant, and is not easy to deform. Graffiti patterns are dotted on the background of varying shades, giving it a youthful atmosphere. Its size is 24×12.5×33cm.
Like most backpacks, it has functional partitions and can store different things in sections. The main zipper pocket has a compartment, a slot pocket, and a zipper pocket. There is a front slot pocket on the outside, two slot pockets on the side, and a zipper pocket on the back. Which can hold your iPad, mobile phone, wallet, water glass, umbrella, and other daily items. Therefore, carry it while go out for parties, short trips, or choose it as a gift for young woman are all good ideas.

Cool small black leather backpack purse for women
10-Cool Ladies Red Leather Backpack Purse Bag Rucksack for Women
With a visually split-level design inspired by the shape of the building. Does the backpack look like a multi-story stand inside a theater? This design makes the structure of the small backpack clearer, and the storage capacity of the two side pockets has also been improved. The size of the bag is 26×13×30cm. It is an exquisite small bag. The primary and front pockets are designed with double zippers. The zippers also modify the overall lines of the backpack. There is a zipper pocket and a slot pocket inside. And a front pocket, two side pockets outside, and a zipper pocket on the back.

11-Handmade Womens Grey Leather Rucksack Backpack Purse Book Bag For Women
The most significant feature of this backpack is its low-key and gentle display of the unruly style from the west. Why do you say that? Because the designer decorated two rows of rivets on the bottom of the bag and woven leather on the edges of the side pockets. A closer look will reveal that even the top handle of the backpack and the leather of the zipper are made of woven leather. Coupled with the layering and texture brought by artificial dyeing, the whole bag looks low-key and calm.
This backpack is a larger size among the bags currently introduced. It is 28 cm in length,15 cm in width, 35 cm in height. If you need a bag with a larger capacity, you can choose it.

12-Rivets Womens Vintage Leather Backpack Leather Backpacks for Women
If you love rivet decoration but want a smaller backpack, then you can consider this one. It is 26 cm in length, 13.8 cm in width, and 28 cm in height. This bag is just right to accommodate the belongings you need to carry when you go out or have a party.
The small backpack is decorated with rivets on the main bag's edge, and above the front pocket, two rows of pins are also arranged on the side pockets. The bag is sewn with the first layer of cowhide. The high-grade texture and metal decoration make the bag look cute and tough.
Therefore, whether it is a young girl or a middle-aged lady, you can wear this black rivet backpack to go out.

black brushed leather backpack purse for women
13-Handmade Ladies Small Leather Backpack Purse Book Bag Purse for Women
Maybe you prefer eclectic patterns and idiomatic expressions, so adding colorful splashes and graffiti on a backpack with a black background will make your bag unique.
Although it is only 26 cm in length, 17 cm in width, and 26 cm in height, this small top layer leather pouch is hand-colored by the designer, so each bag has a unique pattern. It is absolute will make you shine.
What's more surprising is that, as a small backpack, it has designed two main pockets for you. Each main bag is designed with double zippers, as far as possible to meet your needs for the storage of items.

mini black leather backpack purse for women
14-Cute Womens Mini Brown Leather Backpack Purse Book Bag Purses for Women
How small can a mini bag be? 19.5×16×19.5cm This is the best size for a mini backpack. It looks small and cute and is most suitable for women with a girlish heart. If you think multi-color graffiti is too complicated, then simple three-color contrast looks more like an accidental embellishment.
It has a zippered front pocket, two side pockets, and a slot pocket in the main pocket, even in the mini size. The texture of the top layer of cowhide makes the bag durable and not easily deformed. Simple, practical, and unique, it's perfect. If you don't know what gift suits a young and lovely lady, then this backpack is a good choice.

black cute leather backpack purse for women
15-Vintage Green Leather Backpack Purse For Women Cross Shoulder Bag
Also, like a mini backpack, this backpack maximizes its capacity in terms of shape. It adopts a vertical rectangular parallelepiped structure, which is cute as a school bag for children. It is 18×17×24 cm,the top is equipped with a U-shaped double zipper. The long tassel on the zipper is convenient for pulling the zipper and visually adding a lovely sense. The rivets on the side also show their character in a low-key manner.
There is a zipper pocket and insert pocket inside the main pocket of the backpack, and the front pocket can easily accommodate mobile phones, keys, and tissues. Another feature of this bag is that its shoulder strap can be detached. By changing its connection position, the backpack can be used as a shoulder bag or a side bag.

womens black leather satchel backpack purse lovely
16-Cute Womens Leather Backpack Purse Leather Crossbody Bags for Women
This bag has some cute and sweet Korean style, so when I carry this schoolbag on my back, oh no, it's not just a schoolbag for students, but because of its lovable, I can't help calling it a schoolbag. So with this backpack on my back, I will imagine myself back to school.
It can be carried as a backpack purse or a shoulder bag. Its size is 23×29×12cm, and it can easily accommodate personal belongings such as iPad, mobile phone, wallet, cosmetics, etc.         
The anti-theft zipper is equipped under the top flap to make us feel more at ease when using the backpack.

Embossed black leather backpack purse for women
17-Boho Womens Embossed Black Leather Rucksack Purse Backpack For Women
Are you looking for a more special black backpack? Embossing with the full-grain cowhide leather, coupled with hand-brushed, will make the pack look more Western style. Combine the drawstring of the bucket bag, the flap of the messenger bag, and the sturdy shoulder strap to create a backpack with a unique charm.
The size of the whole bag is 23.5cm wide×12cm thick×28cm high. There are two zipper pockets and one slot pocket in the main pack, which can sort and store various personal items. Such a cool-looking small backpack, whether matched with a loose denim jacket or a tight-fitting fashion, can make you particularly dazzling when you are at a party or out of the street.

black leather backpack purse for women vintage
18-Designer Leather Women Backpack Purse Fashion Backpacks for Women
This backpack is still a hand-rubbed color bag with the top layer of cowhide, but the designer has a new idea in styling. It looks like a random pile of materials. But there is a secret little function-you can use the two metal rings on the outside of the backpack to easily change the bag's shape.
If you are traveling, you can buckle the upper metal ring to successfully hide the zipper, thereby increasing the security of the backpack. Still, if you are in a relaxed environment, you can try The metal buckle is moved to the metal ring below so that the shape of your bag will look more casual.Is it a fascinating design?
Finally, let's talk about the size of the bag. It is 28cm in length, 14cm in width, 32cm in height. The main bag has a slot pocket and a zipper pocket inside, a zipper pocket on the back, and two zipped side pockets. It seems that this bag is designed with great attention to safety, and it is also suitable for us to carry when we go out party, and travel.

Boho black leather backpack purse for women
19-Vintage Ladies Embossed Leather Backpack Purse Rucksack Bag For Women
Are there any ladies who like bohemian elements? The most significant feature of this backpack is the pattern on the top leather flap. The designer used printing technology to embellish multicolored feathers and hollowed out the edges of the flap. The original rough texture and printing traces of the cowhide can be clearly seen on the reverse side of the flap. All these designs highlight the unruly character of this backpack and bring enough texture.
This backpack is a medium-sized bag. It is 27 cm long, 15 cm thick, and 37 cm high. There is a zipper pocket, two slip pockets in the main pocket, and a zipper pocket on the back. Therefore, it has enough space for you to take your belongings and set off with them.

ladies black leather backpack purse for women
20-Small Women's Genuine Leather Backpack Bags Purse Stylish Backpacks for Women
At first glance, it looks like a very usual backpack. For it, the most prominent feature is practicality. It is 28 cm long, 16 cm thick, and 29 cm high. It has two main pockets, and each main bag uses a double zipper decorated with leather. Its front pocket zipper tail is equipped with a leather long belt, the bottom is fixed with rivets, and two metal rings are tied at the end. When you walk, the metal rings collide in the shaking and can make a sound. That will be adorable.      There are also pockets and zipper pockets on the sides and back, which can help us sort and store various items easily.
If you also need a low-key but practical backpack, this black leather backpack is very suitable.

This article shows you these 20 black backpacks. In fact, in addition to black, they have also tried different colors. If you are interested, you can visit the corresponding product link to get more details.
I hope that today's sharing will be helpful for you to choose a backpack.